Storm Shelter Registry

The City of Yukon's Development Services Stormwater/GIS Department has initiated a Storm Shelter Registration Program. This free, voluntary program allows residents who own a personal storm shelter in the Yukon city limits to register their shelter with the City of Yukon. Shelter registration is part of our effort to be proactive in response to rescue situations that can occur as a result of severe weather.

This program will provide rescue personnel with valuable time saving location information should a storm shelter exit be blocked by debris or structural damage caused by severe weather.

To register a storm cellar, Safe Room, or another personal storm shelter please complete the electronic form below. Information recorded will include the owner's name, the location of shelter, owner telephone contact number(s), and a brief description of the shelter type and specific location.

This information will be maintained by the City of Yukon Development Services Stormwater/GIS Department and will be used only in the event of structural damage from severe weather or other related incidents. For questions or more information, contact the Development Services Stormwater/GIS Department by calling 405-354-6676.

Storm Shelter Registry

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