What is included in the Brainfuse suite of resources?

We currently have three resources from Brainfuse. They are:

  • HelpNow: An all-in-one suite of tutoring services, tutors and students communicate in real-time in our online classroom. Access the writing lab to improve writing skills, collaborate with others, and more. View the HelpNow for Libraries User Guide (PDF)
  • JobNow: One-of-a-kind career assistance that covers all major aspects of job hunting. JobNow also includes the Adult Learning Center which provides academic assistance designed for adult learners. View the JobNow User Guide (PDF)
  • VetNow: Supporting the community’s veterans and their families with locating eligible benefits, live online academic tutoring, employment transition assistance, and finding community resources. View the VetNow User Guide (PDF)

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1. Am I eligible for a library card?
2. How does checking out book work?
3. How do I manage my account online?
4. What are the fines and fees?
5. How do I download eBooks and audiobooks? (Overdrive/Libby)
6. Are there other free eBooks?
7. What other online resources are available?
8. Are there public access computers available?
9. Do you have WiFi?
10. What other services do you offer?
11. Are there any changes to your services due to COVID-19?
12. What is included in the Brainfuse suite of resources?