5 Tips for Yukon’s Storm Debris Removal - City of Yukon

5 Tips for Yukon’s Storm Debris Removal

Posted by City of Yukon on 11/30/2015

The ice storm this weekend caused major damage to trees across Yukon.  The City of Yukon has announced that curbside pickup of storm debris begins Tuesday, December 1.  Here are five things you need to know as the City of Yukon begins debris removal:

  1. Reduce debris to as small of a pile as possible, making sure nothing is over 6 feet in length.  Anything over this length is difficult for Public Works to pick up and could be left behind.

  2. Neatly stack limbs parallel to the street.  Debris parallel to the street is much easier for trucks to pick up.

  3. Keep debris away from other items in your yard. Debris should be several feet away from items such as trash carts, mail boxes, gas meters, and any overhead obstructions.

  4. For immediate removal, you can drop off your storm debris.  Residents who would like to quickly remove their storm debris are encouraged to transport it to the City of Yukon's emergency disposal site. The site is located at Taylor Park, 410 N. 11th St.  Signs are placed on 11th Street north of Main Street to guide residents to the disposal site.  Hours of operation are 7 am to 5 pm, seven days a week, until further notice.

  5. Know that curbside storm debris removal could take some time.  Public Works and Sanitation Services are working diligently to remove storm debris, however due to the amount of debris it could take an extended period of time.  Two or three passes of the entire community might be required to remove all storm debris.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your debris not being removed.

Public Works and Sanitation Services are some of Yukon’s best departments. Optimism, energy and opportunity inspire the best in everything we do.  To learn more about Yukon’s best, visit www.cityofyukonok.gov or call 405-354-1895.