Yukon Police Attend Sniper Training at Boone Pickens Stadium - City of Yukon

Yukon Police Attend Sniper Training at Boone Pickens Stadium

Posted by City of Yukon on 04/04/2018

Yukon Police Attend Sniper Training at Boone Pickens Stadium

Two Yukon Police Officers attended Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue in Stillwater, OK last month.  Sergeant Andy Henderson and Sergeant Mike Stilley received training in proactive overwatch of public venues and events to include active shooter situations and vehicle or person borne IED attacks.  Sgt. Henderson is currently a School Resource Officer and Sgt. Stilley is the Police Training Coordinator and both are assigned to the Canadian County Special Operations Team as Police Snipers.  The Special Operations Team is a multi-agency team responsible for responding to emergency situations throughout Canadian County.

The training, which was hosted by the Stillwater Police Department, consisted of one day of classroom and firing range qualifications followed, by three days of live fire and scenario based training inside Boone T. Pickens Stadium.  During the live fire training exercises, Police Snipers fired from elevated positions throughout the venue onto 2” targets on the playing surface below.  The targets were affixed to bullet “traps” which stopped the round as soon as it struck.

Instructors with TacFlow Academy of Phoenix, which provided the course instruction, made OSU the third university it has visited.  20 Police Snipers were in attendance from Moore, Yukon, Tulsa, Las Vegas Metro, Scottsdale AZ, the Cherokee Marshall’s Office, Stillwater PD, and OSU Campus PD.  Mark Lang is the Lead Instructor for TacFlow and an active member of Dallas SWAT.  He said the idea for training at public venues started before the Sept. 11 attacks and evolved as attacks and risks to the public changed.  “We kind of foresaw what was on the horizon,” Lang said. “Any time you get a large group or gathering of people together, because of the War on Terror and terror attacks, you’ve got to do something to integrate SWAT teams to protect these venues and events.  “You want your best-trained, best-equipped guys here on event day. This could be any venue.  That being said, the traditional uniformed response here on event day is no longer good enough.”

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