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Yukon Garden Club Hosts Class on Trees

Posted by City of Yukon on 09/21/2016

If you’re one of the many Yukon residents that had tree damage due to last year’s ice storms, you may be looking at replanting new trees soon.  Yukon Garden Club is here to help!  As part of its FREE monthly gardening classes, Yukon Garden Club will meet on October 11 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to learn all about trees.

Courtney Keck, a Horticulture/Educational Specialist, will give a presentation about tree selection, where to plant, and more!  She will share valuable information about size selection and hardy trees for the local area.

Garden Club is open to men and women of all ages.  It is co-sponsored by Lowe’s Home Improvement, which supplies door prizes for the meetings.  Cake and coffee are also provided at the end of the meeting.  

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