Winter Weather Causes Some Utility Bills to be Estimated

Posted by City of Yukon on 03/01/2018

Winter Weather Causes Some Utility Bills to be Estimated

Around 1,000 City of Yukon Utility Customers are receiving an estimated bill for the month of February, due to the severe winter storms. The bills affected were mailed to customers on February 28 and have a March 15 due date. 

During the February 20 and 21 winter storms, ice covered many water meters, making them impossible to read. Because the deadline to have meter readings complete was so close, Utility Billing was forced to estimate some readings. 

To find out if your bill was estimated, simply refer to the bill you receive from the City of Yukon Utility Billing Department. If your account was estimated, an “e” will appear immediately after the meter reading printed on your bill. About 11% of Utility Customers are affected by the recent estimation.

The bill estimation is determined by a special software that takes the customer’s last three months of water consumption, then finds the average. If there is a difference in the estimation from the actual number, Utility Billing will make corrections in the March invoice. 

Monthly bills are based on actual meter readings. Utility Billing does not routinely estimate. The last time bill estimation occurred was February 2011, which was also due to winter storms. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Utility Billing at [email protected] or 405-350-3910.

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