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Water Tower Service Facts

Posted by City of Yukon on 10/17/2017

The City of Yukon periodically drains its water towers for inspection and service. Here are some facts and things you can expect when passing by its water towers when they are being drained. 

All City of Yukon water towers are drained every other year.
The City hires highly trained crews to inspect and maintain its water towers. One year the outside is inspected and serviced, then the next year the inside is inspected and serviced. This process is repeated every other year. 

The City must inspect and maintain its water towers to provide safe and clean drinking water.
These inspections catch deposits that could get in Yukon’s water supply and affect the taste and odor. This process also allows crews to go inside the water tower and check for corrosion. The water towers are covered with protective coating on the inside that is examined and maintained during the inspection.

The water is drained in a way that it does not affect water pressure.
So that water pressure is not affected, Public Works allows the water level inside the tower to drop as much as possible through normal water consumption by residents.  Once the level could affect water pressure, residents’ water supply is then switched to another water tower, and the remaining water is drained on the ground and into drainage ditches. The water that is drained goes through a testing process and is safe for the environment. The draining process may cause some water to stand in the roadway.

The crews that go inside the water tower to clean go through a strict sanitization process.
If you pass by at the right time, you will see a few workers in suits entering the water tower. Their suits have been sanitized by chlorine, and they have been specially trained for these projects so that Yukon’s drinking water will not be affected by their presence in the water tower. 

This will not affect your water bill.
The City of Yukon accounts for the drained water in its annual budget and pays for any water drained from the water tower.

If you have any questions about the City of Yukon water towers, please contact Public Works at 350-8940. 

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