City of Yukon Appoints Two City Marshals - City of Yukon

City of Yukon Appoints Two City Marshals

Posted by Jenna Roberson on 08/13/2019

City of Yukon Appoints Two City Marshals

For the first time ever, Yukon has City Marshals. The City of Yukon appointed Jerry Flowers to the position of City Marshal and Ray Kimbrough to the position of Deputy City Marshal.They both started on July 29.

Marshal duties include executing warrants, writs and serving subpoenas, transporting prisoners, and bailiff duties. Their vehicles look similar to police vehicles, however are marked with the word “Marshal” on the sides. Their uniforms are gray and have the word “Marshal” on the back. 

“Yukon continues to top the lists of safest Cities in Oklahoma, and these positions will help us stay there,” said Mandy Zahorodny, Interim Court Clerk. 

The Court Clerk’s Office is one of Yukon’s best departments. Optimism, energy and opportunity inspire the best in everything we do.  To learn more about Yukon’s best, visit www.yukonok.govor call 405-354-1895.