Posted by City of Yukon on 12/21/2018

Yukon utility customers may dispose of their used live Christmas tree curbside during a three-week period, according to the City of Yukon’s Sanitation Services Department.

From December 26, 2018, through January 16, 2019, Sanitation Services will pick up used Christmas trees placed at the curb for free. The service is for live trees only. No artificial trees are accepted.  Live trees must be prepared by removing all decorations, lights, and any metal, such as tree stands and ornaments.  They should not be placed inside a plastic bag.  These actions will assist Sanitation personnel, who will use a chipper to dispose of the trees 

During the designated dates, residents may place their live tree at the curb during their neighborhood’s routine trash collection day. Residents are asked to observe the designated three-foot minimum distance around their polycart when placing the trees at the curb so that it does not interfere with the automated trash truck that empties carts.  A different truck and crew will go through the neighborhoods to collect the live trees. 

For more information or questions, please contact us at [email protected]or 354-4317.

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