Samaritan EMS CareNet FAQ - City of Yukon

Samaritan EMS CareNet FAQ

What is a Samaritan CareNet Membership?

All residential accounts, all residential rental properties and all multi-living unit facilities who are City of Yukon utility customers are automatically enrolled in the membership program, unless they sign and submit an opt-out form to the City of Yukon’s Utility Billing 5-15-18.  The membership provides for the pre-payment of co-payments and deductibles for all qualified medically necessary provided ambulance services. CareNet is not an insurance supplement or policy.

Why is this program opt-out instead of opt-in?

In 2017, the Samaritan EMS CareNet membership program was set up as an opt-in program. Samaritan approached the City of Yukon earlier this year, informing that several residents were under the impression that they had a membership, however they never signed up. After much discussion and research, City Council voted to change the program to an opt-out format for 2018.

The City of Yukon is using many resources to inform the public of this change: utility bill inserts, social media, the City's website, and newspaper ads. Sanitation Services will even be helping, placing flyers on each trash cart of Yukon households closer to the May 15 deadline. The City of Yukon certainly wants to make opting out easy and accessible, as well as opting in.

I have an EMSA membership. Would I benefit from a Samaritan membership also?

EMSA is an ambulance service that operates in surrounding communities, but does not operate or respond within the Yukon city limits.

What is the membership cost?

$3.65 per month, added to City of Yukon utility bills.

Who is covered by the membership?

Permanent members of the household.

If I opt-out now, but change my mind later, can I opt back in?

No. The opt-out deadline is 5-15-18 and no changes can be made until the 2019 open enrollment period.

I have insurance. Would I benefit from a CareNet membership?

Probably, yes. Most insurance policies require a co-pay and/or an annual deductible. The CareNet membership will pay for those out of pocket expenses. It's always a good idea to check with your insurance company and find out what they cover.

I have Medicare, would I benefit from a CareNet membership?

Yes. Medicare usually does not cover 100% of the ambulance service.  The CareNet membership will cover the co-pay and deductible.

I have Medicaid/Soonercare benefits. Would I benefit from a CareNet membership?

Samaritan EMS tells us no. However, Samaritan EMS can bill you if the claim is denied.

If I opt-out of the Samaritan CareNet membership program and should require Samaritan ambulance services at some point, what happens?

All citizens who require medically necessary ambulance services within the Yukon city limits will always be transported regardless of ability to pay. Patients will be billed by Samaritan for services rendered and financially responsible for all billed charges. 

How much does a typical Samaritan ambulance service cost?

It varies depending upon the level of services needed by the patient and the destination. Usually, charges vary between $353.62 to $972.43.

What about people who live in apartments, long term care facilities or rental properties?

The management/owners/operators are receiving information about the Samaritan CareNet membership program.  They can either choose to participate or opt-out.  If they participate, the City of Yukon will add $3.65 per living unit to their monthly utility bill.  If they opt out, they are required to inform their residents and provide them several key points of information, including the option of purchasing a membership from Samaritan directly. 

If I have a question about the $3.65 added to my monthly utility bill, who do I contact?

City of Yukon Utility Billing at or 405-350-3910. We are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If I have a Samaritan CareNet membership, am I always covered?

The only time your membership would not be in force is if your utility service is ever turned off due to non-payment. Once your delinquent account is paid up to date, your membership will resume along with your other services. The membership is valid in Samaritan’s response area, which is Yukon, Bethany and Warr Acres. 

If I opt out now and move to another Yukon address later, can I opt in when I transfer?

No. Once the 5-15-18 deadline passes, there are no changes until the 2019 enrollment period.

Can I pay for a membership in one lump sum, rather than paying $3.65 every month?

No.  The billing system is designed for monthly billing only.

Can I contact Samaritan EMS directly and purchase a membership?

The agreement between Samaritan EMS and the City of Yukon establishes the monthly CareNet membership program billed through monthly utility bills. The only exception is limited to residents of multi-living units whose management chose to opt out of the offered program.

Where can I find the Opt-Out form?

You can find the OPT-OUT form here.

I have questions or concerns about Samaritan’s services. Who do I discuss those with?

Samaritan EMS

PO Box 15764
Del City, OK 73155
Toll Free (844) 498-6471
Fax (405) 602-0422