Training - City of Yukon


The Yukon Police Department conducts initial and continuing education courses in Law Enforcement and are CLEET approved.  The State of Oklahoma requires 25 hours of Continuing Education annually, which includes a mandatory 2 hrs of Mental Health Training, as well as one annual Firearms Qualification.  The Yukon Police Department meets and exceeds those standards by requiring each Officer to complete 40 hrs of Continuing Education training each year.  Each Officer is required to attend several specific blocks of instruction each year that cover Legal Updates, Law Enforcement Driver Training, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and Mental Health.  Rather than one annual Firearms Qualification as mandated by CLEET, the Yukon Police Department qualifies quarterly with their Firearms to maintain the highest level of proficiency.  This training is taught by Yukon Police Officers who have been certified by CLEET as Instructors in the specific fields.  In addition to the mandatory training, Officers are also allowed and encouraged to attend advanced training by outside agencies and private entities.  We also host training brought in from out of State which is attended by our Officers and Officers from across the State of Oklahoma.

For any Law Enforcement Agencies inquiring about Training Events please contact me at [email protected] or (405)350-8946.

Sergeant Mike Stilley
Police Training Coordinator