Frequently Asked Questions - City of Yukon

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to become a Yukon Police Officer?

The Yukon Police Department requires police officers to be between the ages of 21-45 years old upon initial hiring to the department. An exclusion to the max age of 45 years old is if you have previously participated on the Oklahoma Police Pension Retirement System (OPPRS). 

Do you receive a take home vehicle?

Police officers will be allowed to participate in the vehicle take home program based on department policy and if you live within the 10 mile radius of the Yukon Police Department.

Can I be a police officer with exposed tattoos?

Yes - The police department has a tattoo policy that allows police officers to display their tattoos in uniform through an approval process. Some automatic disqualifiers to be a Yukon Police Officer exist for tattoos above the collar bone or on the hand with the exception of a ring tattoo on either hand.

How does a police officer retirement work?

Yukon police officers participate in the Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement System (OPPRS) and can receive 50% of their pay at twenty (20) years of successful service as retirement for the rest of their lives. For more information visit

Are medical benefits provided?

Yes- Police officers receive medical and dental provided at no cost to the employee and at a reduced cost for family members.

If hired as a police officer, where would my career begin?

All Yukon police officers will begin their careers by attending the state police academy (CLEET) or if certified you will begin the department field training officer (FTO) process. After FTO, officers will be assigned to work one of three shifts in patrol. Positions in investigations, schools, or specialized units are available after completing the minimum number of years in the patrol division.

Does Yukon Police have a Reserve Officer program?

No, the Yukon Police Department only employs full time police officers.