Outdoor Emergency Warning System - City of Yukon

Outdoor Emergency Warning System

Siren Near City Hall

The City of Yukon maintains and operates a nine-siren, outdoor emergency warning system designed to warn the public who are OUTDOORS and away from other types of warning devices. The sirens are located throughout the City.

The Emergency Warning System is activated whenever life and property are in danger via sirens or Public Address system.  

For Tornado warnings, the sirens sound with a 3-5 minute steady burst. The Emergency Management Director or other authorized person gives as much notification as possible. When this occurs:

  • Tune to your favorite local radio or television stations.  
  • DO NOT CALL 911 unless you have an emergency to report.  
  • Don’t go outside to see the tornado as you may be injured by hail or flying debris.  

NO “all clear” alert will sound. Once the sirens are activated, take the appropriate action and tune to your local radio station.

The sirens are tested weekly.