Platting - City of Yukon


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All subdivision platting comes through the Community Development Office. All questions pertaining to platting may be addressed at the Community Development Office. Fees for platting are listed below.

Platting & Plan Review Fees

Preliminary Plat $250.00
+ $2.00 per lot
Final Plat

+ $2.00 per lot

Plat Review

$400 (one acre or less) $800 (one to two acres)
$200 per acre (two to ten acres) $175 per acre (more than ten)

Engineering Inspection Fee 3% of estimated cost of the public improvement due and payable at time of approval of plat
Storm Water Detention, if not done at the platting stage, a $200 per lot flat fee for the review of storm water detention.

Miscellaneous Permits and Zone Application Fees

Planned Unit Development $150/Residential $300/Commercial
Conditional Use Permit $150.00
Re-Zoning Application $225.00
Board of Adjustment Application  $100.00