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Garage Sale Permits

Frequently Asked Questions about Garage Sales & Permits

There are many things to think about when deciding to have a garage sale. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions to help insure a successful garage sale.



Do I need a permit to have a garage sale, yard sale, moving or estate sale?

Yes, a permit is required for a garage sale, yard sale, moving, or estate sale.

Citations may be issued for sales that are conducted without a permit and/or signs that are not in compliance with Chapter 22, Sections 101-110 of the City of Yukon Code of Ordinances. 

Where do I go to obtain a permit?

You can obtain a garage sale permit at the Development Services Office, located at 334 Elm Ave.

How much does a permit cost?

The cost to obtain a garage sale permit is $5.

Are non-profit organizations required to obtain a permit?

Yes, non-profit organizations must obtain a permit and use the signs provided. However, the $5 fee will be waived.

Can I pay with a debit or credit card or have it applied to my water bill?

At this time we are only able to accept cash or check. 

How many days in advance before my sale do I need to obtain my garage sale permit?

There are not a certain number of days in advance that you are required to obtain your permit. However, you will need to be sure to have your permit before you begin your sale.

Do I need to post my permit in a certain location?

There is no set location where your permit must be posted. However, it is best to place your permit in a location where it is visible and where you won’t have to leave your sale.

Can several families have a garage sale together?

Yes, more than one family can combine their articles for a sale. If the sale is held at one address, only one permit will be required. If it is held at more than one address then each address shall purchase a garage sale permit.

How many days can I have a garage sale?

You can have a garage sale up to 3 consecutive days.

How many times a year can I have a garage sale?

You can have two garage sales a year. One sale every 6 months per address is allowed by ordinance. 

How many signs are allowed?

Only two signs are allowed by City of Yukon Code of Ordinance. The City of Yukon will provide you with your signs when you obtain your permit.

Where can my signs be placed?

The signs may be placed 24 hours prior to the sale date. Signs shall be removed within 24 hours after expiration of the permit. No sign shall be posted on any curb, sidewalk, utility post, pole, hydrant, bridge, tree, fence, or other surface located on public property, or any public right-of-way or center medians. Be sure to include your permit number on your sign. However, we suggest waiting to put your signs up the morning of your sale and picking them back up that same evening. 

Is it important that I remove my garage sale signs when I am finished?

YES! When your garage sale is over, please pick up the garage sale signs and dispose of them properly. 

Do I need to return my signs?

No, please do not return your signs as they will have your information written on them. Dispose your signs in a proper manner when you are finished having your sale.

Is there a certain time that I can open my sale?

There are no times specified to have a garage sale. However, it is best to be a good neighbor and not open too early or too late.

What happens if it rains or I don’t have the sale?

If you cancel your entire sale because of bad weather or an unforeseen emergency, you can call and request a rain date. However, you must make the request on the first day listed on your permit. We ask that you keep your signs since we will not be able to furnish new signs.